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Why is a Bucharest hotel apartment the solution for you?

Are you coming to Bucharest for a few days on business or just to spend some time in the capital? Well, unlike many other cities in Romania, Bucharest offers an extremely advantageous accommodation alternative: either an apartment or a studio apartment with Bucharest hotel regime!

We have 2 accommodation structures, with 25 apartments, built especially for hotel regime, corporate apartments as well as for expats.

Thus, due to the need for an advantageous alternative in terms of price, but as comfortable as a hotel, the offers of apartments in Bucharest hotel regime began to appear. Although this type of alternative accommodation has been present for a very long time in countries such as Germany, Spain, England and the USA, in Romania the offers for an apartment or a studio in a hotel regime did not have as many customers.

However, gradually, the option of a Bucharest hotel regime apartment gained momentum and the hotel regime services in Bucharest made their presence very well felt and the clients did not delay to appear!

A hotel-style apartment in Bucharest is definitely the ideal solution for those looking for a home for a short period, but a personal and intimate one, which will offer them independence and comfort which I want. This is basically the main difference between a Bucharest hotel apartment and a hotel room: privacy, comfort, independence. A Bucharest hotel apartment is also the comfort of your own home.

Apart Hotel Bucharest offers for short-term rent hotel-style apartments of 2, 3 or 4 rooms located in the northern area of Bucharest, where most of the buildings of offices and points of attraction.

Accommodation in a hotel in Bucharest is the solution to the 3 and 4 star hotel because for lower or equivalent prices you have a complete apartment at your disposal, including kitchen, bathroom, balcony or terrace. We therefore offer you the most varied offers for apartments in Bucharest hotel regime and business office in Bucharest hotel regime!

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